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Supreme Law Academy

Delivering Professional Lectures to Law Aspirants.


Our comprehensive training provides the finest instruction and preparation for both Judicial Services and the Civil Services Law Option.

Our Experts

Our lecturers are expert in their disciplines, combining significant experience with real-world knowledge.

Quality Lectures

Our professors take pleasure in being approachable to students, giving the advice and support you need to succeed in your studies.


Always deliver more than expected.

Teachers make a concerted effort to ensure that their teaching intentions align with the learning goals they have set for their pupils.

The casual spectator may not see the expertise in how a teacher, for example, replies to a meaningful inquiry from a typically quiet student, and how it may differ significantly from the "standard reaction" to a commonly inquisitive or noisy student. Expert instructors are conscious of what they are doing; they monitor and adapt their teaching methods to bring out the best in their students.

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Quality Services

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Student's Love


I'd want to convey my appreciation for the achievement I've had in my industry. I have a lot of respect for it, and I want to make it clear that all of the students here have the same ability and potential to pass these tough examinations. All you need is appropriate supervision and hard effort, which you will receive once you join our academy.

Priya Jain

I'd want to share my accomplishment with the faculty since their teaching style was essential in achieving my results, and I'm extremely glad and proud to report that your remarks on my shortcomings, as well as your praises on my performance, both encouraged and inspired me to do better.

Rohini Sharma

I am grateful to the entire SLA Family for giving me with great advice and enabling me to ask as many conceptual and substantive questions as I wanted. I was greatly affected by the personal coaching, and the warmth with which I was constantly greeted guaranteed that I maintained the greatest levels of motivation, especially during periods of contemplation.

Manika Dixit

    Our Team


    Adv. Anuj Gupta

    Akarsh Sharma

    Keyur Tripathi

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    Punishing the Innocent: An insight in the Wrongful Convictions

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